Places to visit

Lagoon amwaj

The Lagoon Park is home to over 46 food and beverage outlets offering cuisines from around the world. Enjoy the weather while you dine at one of our Restaurants, or gather with your friends for a shisha in one of our Cafes. You can spend a great time at The Lagoon.

Bahrain International Circuit

For F1 Grand Prix, Bahrain has a circuit too and it is located in the middle of the desert. The good thing is that it is very close to a water park so you always have a chance to cool down before or after the big race.

Tree of life

Imagine a big green tree in the middle of a barren desert, you can see it with your own eyes if you visit Bahrain. The tree is said to be 400 to 500 years old.
Its long roots probably have found some underground water source, but it is still a miracle as it is the only green living organism available in that area.
Reaching there is quite troublesome as you have to travel in the highway and then take some side roads. In any case, it is worth a visit to this beautiful tree and appreciate the strength of nature which can keep this tree alive for centuries.
Tree of life is a symbol of mother nature. We, mankind, do everything to damage the nature, but still it has the strength to keep alive even in a barren desert.

arad fort bahrain

A 15th century fort, the Arad Fort is one of the more important historic monuments of Bahrain. It is located on Muharraq Island near the airport. During its history, it served as a base for various foreign occupiers of Bahrain, including the Portuguese in the 16th century and the Omanis around 1800.

National museum

The National Museum is a very well laid out and thoughful look at the history of Bahrain from the time of Dilmun up to the present day. It has a fascinating exhibit showing reassembled burial mounds from the A'ali burial mound complex.
You get a lot more out of seeing their version than by traipsing around in the burial mound areas.

bahrain World Trade centre

Completed in 2008 by the international architectural firm Atkins, the 240-metre Bahrain World Trade Centre was yet another large scale project aimed at maintaining Bahrain's image as a regional business centre. Since their construction, they have become the absolute landmark symbol of Bahrain, and the inclusion of the luxurious Moda Mall below has also made them a destination.
The turbines in the middle were meant to generate enough power to sustain the building, but unfortunately tenants complained of dizzying vibration they caused, so they've been fixed in place ever since. The two towers of the BWTC are located on the northern Manama corniche, close to the Financial Harbour twin buildings. For modern architecture lovers, these structures are an object of admiration.

Night Life

If there’s one thing we can’t complain about in Bahrain, it’s the abundance of options we have to keep us entertained after the sun has set.
You would like to enjoy night life around the city then you can visit our sister concern property at The Juffair Grand Hotel for clubs and discos:


The popular Wild West Saloon where you will enjoy Old West favorites and modern day treats in a rustic atmosphere laced with the aroma of great food. The Wrangler offers all day Tex-Mex dining and features nights with international artists and performers.
Wrangler Pub: ...

Champs in Juffair

Champs is Bahrain’s Premiere Pub, a place to socialize and unwind whilst enjoying the latest in live sports, bands and DJs. From the rich, solid wood panelling to the attentive staff, you’ll always feel at home.
The dedication to sport has converted Champs into the veritable Headquarters of spectator sport in Bahrain. You’ll never miss a moment of your favourite games as they are shown live stream on multiple screens and projectors.
Situated in the heart of Juffair, Champs offers a " LUNCHTIME EXPRESS" for stressed out city workaholics, whilst in the evening the pub transforms into a place to relax or to get in the rounds for a night out!
To ensure you have the best night possible, we provide a complimentary taxi service for groups of four or more when booked in advance.